conTgo CEO makes top BTN-25 list

Johnny Thorsen, the CEO & co-founder of conTgo, was today announced to be one of “The 25 Most Influential Executives Of the Business Travel Industry Of 2010”  by BTN, the US-based publication.

The BTN-25 list is widely seen as a reliable indicator of major development and future trends in the travel industry and the inclusion of Johnny Thorsen is a clear recognition of the vision and power behind the “Mobile Travel Assistant” service, which was evidenced in full after the volcanic ash disruption in April 2010.

“I am extremely honoured to be included on the BTN-25 list, and while it might be my name on the list, I clearly view this as conTgo’s name being on the list, as every single member of our 17-strong team located in Australia, Denmark, Finland, UK and USA have played an invaluable part in getting us to where the company is placed today” says Johnny Thorsen.

The announcement comes only 1 week after conTgo announced the global availability of an industry-first service option called MapCast, which provides TMC’s and corporations with a constantly updated interactive map of the world, capable of showing the location of any travelling employee based on their latest itinerary data.

The MapCast interface provides the user with instant bi-directional communication directly to the mobile phone of each traveller, based on intelligent itinerary filtering and geo-spatial selection parameters, and the service can be used to look at travel for any date in the past or the future, as well as all current travel.

The MapCast announcement has generated substantial levels of interest from both existing customers as well as new prospects in the corporate travel industry, but conTgo was already running at a very high speed of growth before the launch of MapCast.

During 2010 the company processed more than 1M bookings (up from 500,000 bookings in 2009) for thousands of corporations around the world via a growing list of TMC resellers such as American Express, CWT, FCm Travel Solutions, Kaleva Travel Group and QBT. Since the launch in late 2007 the “Mobile Travel Assistant” service has now accumulated more than 400,000 unique mobile numbers for corporate travellers in more than 70 countries worldwide, and thousands of new numbers are added each week.

Source = ConTgo
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