Dreamworld’s Bengal Tiger Cubs Find out what’s In a Name

  Baru & Ravi

Dreamworld’s Bengal tiger cubs received their official names this morning when the Tiger Island handlers announced their two choices from thousands of entries submitted through a Channel 7 Sunrise promotion.

The smaller of the two boys received the name Ravi, meaning sun and the larger received the name Baru, meaning noble.

The names are indigenous to India and surrounding countries, which are areas where the Bengal tiger is found.  Dreamworld’s Tiger Island handlers made the final choice based on the sound of the name and their rich meanings.

“There were thousands of entries, but these names particularly stood out because of their meaning and their suitability to the two cubs,” said Tiger Island Manager, Patrick Martin-Vegue.

“The cubs have very different personalities so we have chosen the names to reflect this and that will highlight their size and stature when they are full grown cats,” he said.

Since arriving at Dreamworld on 4 April, the cubs have been nicknamed Anchor and Arrow based on stripe markings on their heads, however handlers are enjoying the new names and will quickly teach the mini big cats their new call sign.

The two Sunrise winners will enjoy a three night Gold Coast holiday for two people inclusive of flights, accommodation, car hire and a full Tiger Island experience including a tiger walk, feed, photo session, a private cub experience to meet their named tiger cub and a back of house tour.

The two cubs have joined Dreamworld’s Bengal tiger program to become ambassadors for tiger species’ around the world.

Dreamworld guests can see the cubs in their nursery and display each day and for those wanting to get a closer look, Tiger Cub Experiences are held regularly and can be booked prior to visiting the park.  The 20-minute experience allows guests to pat the cubs, have their photo taken with them and chat with the handlers to find out what happens in the life of a tiger cub.

Dreamworld is passionate and committed to saving tigers in the wild and through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation’s Tiger Island Conservation Fund has donated $1.4 million dollars to the cause since 2006.   This contribution places Dreamworld as the world’s largest zoological contributor of funds to 21st Century Tiger assisting with anti-poaching measures, education, habitat restoration and monitoring in tiger populate regions.

Considered one of the world’s leading tiger exhibits, Dreamworld’s Tiger Island is more than 1,600 square metres in size and features a 13 square metre pool, in which tigers swim throughout the day.  The cats also enjoy a range of enrichment experiences from off-exhibit hideaways, guest experiences such as tiger walks, feeds and photos and new exhibit, The Lair. 

With the addition of the two cubs, Dreamworld is now home to 15 tigers, including nine Bengal and six Sumatran tigers.  The park also houses two cougars.


Source = Dreamworld
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