Jet Airways pilots expected to protest


Jet Airways pilots are expected to go on protest after management decided to move their entire ATR fleet to JetLite, a struggling sister company, after expressing frustration over the decision, which is likely to affect their career and job security.

According to a senior Jet Airways pilot, questions were raised by pilots about their job security after management announced the restructuring during meetings across the country, adding that the plan could not be implemented without the support of the pilots, The Times of India reported.

An invitation for pilots to discuss the ATR transition from Jet Airways to JetLite was issued last week, with the ATR fleet crew voicing concern over contractual obligations between the two airlines, salaries, restricted promotion opportunities due to the airline’s limited fleet, and conditions for a reverse absorption in case JetLite fails.

JetLite, along with Air India and SpiceJet, suffered major operating losses for the financial year ending 2013 and while officials say the transition is an effort to turnaround the struggling airline, pilots are questioning whether the plan has been influenced by Etihad Airways, which recently claimed a 24 percent stake in Jet Airways.

Moreover, salary payments continue to be delayed, prompting Jet Airways staff to raise the issue at a meeting with staff representatives and chief operating officer Hameed Ali, this week.

Source = ETB News: Lana Bogunovich
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