Tourism e kit leads the way for Businesses in Changing Digital Landscape

228328The Australian tourism industry’s favourite online learning tool, the Tourism e kit is keeping its promise of remaining up to date and relevant to small businesses with its most recent release now including a brand new tutorial, ‘Instagram for Tourism’.

This new tutorial outlines how to set up an Instagram account and tips on using the popular social media platform to promote tourism products and experiences. Instagram is a powerful consumer engagement tool and is becoming very popular with tourism businesses, due to its simple, visual layout and ability to reach a large audience.

In addition, two video versions have been added to the recently launched tutorials “Social Media and the Law” and “Optimising your ATDW listing”. The tourism e kit offers numerous formats offering flexible self learning methods, including online, printed and video versions.

The Tourism e kit is updated twice yearly, where the full suite of 65+ tutorials are checked for accuracy and updated in their entirety to ensure the resource remains current and supports contemporary online and digital marketing trends.

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), the project managers of the Tourism e kit, recognise that adults learn in a variety of ways, where many are happy to self learn whilst others prefer face to face training and support in a workshops setting.  Therefore, ATDW has been recruiting a team of Licenced and Accredited Tourism e kit trainers.  There are now nine accredited e kit trainers,  who are based around Australia and have access to the e kit and additional resources designed to deliver high quality digital marketing training which is customised for the tourism industry.

Two new trainers joining the e kit training team are Prue Pike and Kristy Bailey, both based in Western Australia and bringing with them an impressive and diverse knowledge base and experience in tourism and the digital space.

“This free online training tool, the tourism e kit has been more successful than anyone could have predicted. It has been downloaded more than 350,000 times and earned countless awards including a place at the Australian National Tourism Awards held earlier this year.  However, as the digital landscape changes so quickly it’s important to keep the e kit updated and relevant.” said Liz Ward, CEO of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) who manages the Tourism e kit in collaboration with contributors who are experts in their specific areas of digital marketing.


Source = Australian Tourism Data Warehouse
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