Tourico Holidays fuels company growth at WTM London

Tourico Holidays

Tourico Holidays, a global leader in wholesale travel brokerage, today announced that it will double the size of its in-house training program, the Tourico Holidays Travel Academy, in 2016 to over 280 students – and to a total of 750 students per year by 2018.

With an overall graduate retention rate of 91% through nearly two years, new academy hires are spurring dramatic company growth, allowing Tourico to offer a more partner-focused approach.

The Tourico Travel Academy, which launched in January of 2014, provides career-oriented professionals with valuable industry knowledge, technology experience, and business negotiation skills that are taught personally by company executives – including a two-week lesson from the CEO of Tourico.

In the first two years, the Academy has received more than 7,200 total applicants, including 1,550 from Ivy League graduates. Of the massive candidate pool, only 187 students, or 2%, have been accepted into the program.

“After an overwhelming number of extremely competitive applicants, coming from top schools across the world, we realized that we were in a strong position to increase the capacity of our in-house program – and continue to fuel company growth,” said Uri Argov, Founder and CEO of Tourico Holidays.

“By 2018, we will be welcoming 750 skilled travel professionals a year into the company – all of which will have an intimate understanding of Tourico’s internal operations.”

The Director of Global Recruitment for Tourico, Kieran Le-Petit, the Chief Operating Officer, Asi Ginio, and other executives will be exhibiting at WTM London, looking for top-tier talent to attend upcoming Academy sessions. Acceptedstudents to the Academy will receive a base pay during the 10-week course, full benefits, housing, a meal plan, and laptops.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will have the opportunity to join the global travel wholesaler and be a part of a Billion dollar company that has offices throughout the world.

“We’re offering a unique opportunity that includes a paid, hands-on education from travel executives and the chance to start a travel career with a global company that is known for vertical professional mobility,” said Le-Petit. “WTM London is the perfect conference to meet face-to-face with a high volume of travel industry enthusiasts that we can introduce to the Tourico Academy.”

Tourico will be exhibiting at WTM London 2015 from November 2nd to the 5th at Booth GV 240.

Source = Tourico Holidays
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