Basel introduces new art route across borders

Art across borders vitra design museum

Basel, Switzerland’s art capital, has introduced an art route across borders called 24-stops Rehberger-Weg. The 6km walk crosses over into Germany and features 24 pieces of artwork by German sculptor Tobias Rehberger. This route links two municipalities, two cultural institutions and tells many a story of the region.

The art route runs between the Fondation Beyeler in Basel, and the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein. With the first 12 pieces installed in September 2015, the next 12 are due to complete in by springtime 2016. However, many visitors and art enthusiast have already embarked on the route in the meantime.

Director of Switzerland Tourism Australia and New Zealand, Mark Wettstein, says this art route is special as tells a story of the area, its history, people and way of across borders foundation beyeler

“The location of the route and its surrounds embodies the essence of Switzerland,” Mr Wettstein said.

“It highlights the old, the new, the picture perfect nature and the progress and modernization of the country; yet noting the nation’s rich and well preserved past as well as the centuries’ old traditions that live on today.”

An important contemporary artist, Tobias crosses boundaries in his artwork to combine different genres in all areas including painting, design, sculpture, architecture and graphics.

On this art route, he leads his audience into a colourful environment where they can interact with his art to draw on their perceptions of everyday life, objects and stories of the area.

“Visitors will also enjoy their walk over to Germany on this route, enjoying the woodlands and natural surrounds along the way,” Mr Wettstein said.

The home of Art Basel, the long-standing premier international art show,  Basel is about an hour’s train ride from Zurich.

Source = Switzerland Tourism

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