Munich Travel Guide

Munich Travel Guide

Munich Travel Guide

Munich Travel Guide

All you need for traveling to Munich in just one Travel App! For free.

  • “Where am I?” Always know your location (even offline or with a bad connection)
  • “I want to remember all recommended places I wish to visit.” Just mark places on your map and save them in neat lists. Don’t forget anything!
  • “What to do in Munich?” Receive curated inspirations and news about Munich. If you tell us what you are interested in, we personalize the messages for you.

With us travelling got easier and even more fun.

We let you discover new places, beautiful spots and insider tips at the touch of a button. Collect your personal best-of and save it for later. You will experience your best journeys yet with detailed offline maps and in-depth travel content on your mobile travel companion.

Featured opinions about our travel apps:

  • “Essential app for travelers”, Time Magazine
  • “One of the best offline maps apps”, WSJ
  • “Maps without racking up roaming costs”, Macworld

And here’s why 15+ million travelers love Ulmon apps:

Clear and concise maps
Never get lost again. See your location on the map via gps, no internet connection is required. Find streets, addresses or attractions and get pointed in the walking direction.

In depth travel content
You’ll never have to buy another guide book. Ulmon Guides features pictures as well as comprehensive and up-to-date information are available for thousands of places and attractions.

Search and Discover
Search a specific place by name or browse by categories like restaurants, architecture, hotels, shops, bars, etc.

Share with friends
Create your own reviews and ratings of your favorite places. Share these tips and recommendations with friends and other travelers.

Plan trips and customise maps
Book the hotel for your next city tour right within the app. Remember and save all places you would like to visit. Create new or individual ones. Mark them with different colors or add notes to them.

Back up and sync
Create a user account and login from any of your iOS devices. So all your personal content is right where you want it to be.

Save on roaming fees
Maps and guide content are stored on directly your device so you can access them at any time even without an internet connection. An internet connection is of course required for initial downloading of data or booking hotels.

Source = Ulmon GmbH
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