Shining the spotlight on French haute cuisine

ponantShining the spotlight on French haute cuisine

PONANT is participating in the 3rd edition of the “Goût de / Good France” event held on 21 March 2017. For the occasion, the cruise line will be celebrating French gastronomy, which has pride of place aboard its ships, by holding a special gala dinner for its passengers.

It is the 3rd edition of this wonderful event which shines the spotlight on French haute cuisine. It will take place on the first day of spring and gather 2,000 chefs, for 2,000 menus on 5 continents… and even at sea with PONANT!

Led by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and chef Alain Ducasse, “Goût de / Good France” celebrates the excellence of French cuisine, its capacity for innovation, and the values it promotes, including sharing, pleasure, healthy eating, and respect for the planet.

PONANT has always been proud to represent France and to share its passion for the French culinary heritage, hence its participation in this latest edition. For each of PONANT’s 5 chefs, this will be an opportunity to showcase French haute cuisine where they happen to be on that day: Henri Carbonnel aboard Le Soléal off the coast of Brazil, Alexandre Milliot aboard Le Boréal in Chile, Antoine Kuster aboard Le Lyrial in the open sea heading for Cape Town, Yannick Sarotte aboard L’Austral in the Philippines, and Antoine Douay aboard Le Ponant in Cuba.

In partnership with Ducasse Conseil, the Alain Ducasse Entreprise expert consulting arm, PONANT is pursuing its quest for gastronomic excellence by combining French culinary tradition and creativity, creating its menus according to the countries it visits, and always using carefully selected, quality produce and ingredients.

The only French-owned cruise line and the world leader in luxury expeditions, PONANT was created in 1988 by Jean Emmanuel Sauvée and a dozen officers of the French Merchant Navy. Today, PONANT is leading the way with a new style of luxury cruising through a unique conception of sea travel which combines exceptional itineraries and luxury hotel services, aboard luxurious smaller-scale ships.

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