Jin Air Introduces Passenger Service System Agreement Reached with IBS

Jin Air

Jin Air Introduces Passenger Service System Agreement Reached with IBS

Jin Air Introduces Passenger Service System Agreement Reached with IBS

Jin Air (www.jinair.com) will introduce the next generation passenger service system.

 The new system will be applied at the end of March 2018, after undergoing developmental tests.
 Improve work environment by integrating tasks in each field.
 Increase convenience of flight services through website and mobile application.

On 22 August, at its headquarters in Deungchon-dong, Seoul, Jin Air entered into a contract with IBS, a global aviation IT service company, introducing the iFly Res Passenger Services System (PSS).

The contract ceremony was attended by chief representatives, including Mr. Choi Jeong-ho, President and CEO of Jin Air and Mr. V.K Matthew, Chairman of IBS.

Through the agreement, Jin Air expects to increase the efficiency of its passenger service systems, including airline reservations, ticketing and transportation, while also enhancing work efficiency and customer convenience. In particular, Jin Air expects to expand online sales and strengthen customer service through the new passenger service system that will facilitate the addition and change of new services for each customer.

Customers can easily access various airline services for domestic and international flights using the simple interface of Jin Air’s homepage and mobile application, bringing a dramatic improvement in convenience.

With IBS, Jin Air plans to apply the new passenger service system from the end of March 2018, after undergoing development and tests.

Jin Air explained, “Together with IBS, we expect to strengthen Jin Air’s customer experience through its IT competitiveness by building an advanced passenger service system, in line with the rapidly changing aviation industry management environment. Moving forward, Jin Air will strive to become a rational and reliable airline by providing various airline services and convenient systems that meet customers’ needs.”

Meanwhile, IBS is the global aviation IT company that developed the iFly Res passenger service system, already proven to be safe and convenient. IBS provides various aviation systems to the world’s leading airlines such as Lufthansa, Qantas Airlines, and British Airways.

Source = Jin Air
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