Pitcairn Islands Tourism expands 2018 Tour program

Pitcairn Islands Tourism

Pitcairn Islands Tourism expands 2018 Tour program

Pitcairn Islands Tourism expands 2018 Tour program

Following strong interest in the launch of their 2018 tour program Pitcairn Islands Tourism is pleased to announce the introduction of a 12 day tour option, in addition to the 19 day your launched earlier this year.

The additional 11 night /12 day tour still includes a stopover in Tahiti, the epic ocean voyage to Pitcairn and 4  days on island with a selection of activities included.

Announcing the new option, Pitcairn Islands Tourism Australian Marketing Representative, Richard Hankin, said “Whilst demand for visiting Pitcairn continues to increase, this additional tour allows those who still wish to experience the journey and visit the island to do so with a round trip from Australia in under 2 weeks”.  Hankin continued “We are also providing the convenience of a one-stop booking process with Tahiti stopover, connecting domestic flight and the Pitcairn voyage and stay”.

The 12 day tour commences in Tahiti on 17 February 2018, with future departures planned based on demand to complement the regular shipping service to Pitcairn.

Located deep in the South Pacific, half way between New Zealand and Peru, Pitcairn has been home to the descendants of the HMAV Bounty mutineers since 1790 and remains one of the most remote and undiscovered destinations in the world.

Access to Pitcairn is via a quarterly shipping service that offers 12 round-trips annually between Mangareva in French Polynesia and Pitcairn Island.

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