Aer Lingus EI105 DUB-JFK Business Class Flight Review

Aer Lingus EI105 DUB-JFK Business Class Flight Review

Aer Lingus A330
Aer Lingus EI105 DUB-JFK Business Class Flight Review

Aer Lingus EI105 DUB-JFK Business Class

28 October 2017

Carrier: Aer Lingus

Flight Number: EI105 dep DUB @ 10:50

Duration: 7h30m

Class: Business Class

Aircraft: Airbus A330

Aer Lingus Business Class seat

Aer Lingus Business Class seat

Check-in experience: After an airport transfer in style and comfort thanks to Ireland Chauffeur Travel, check-in for this flight was done at Dublin Airport’s Platinum Services VIP Terminal where travellers are looked after by a highly polished professional staff looking out to make every aspect of the departure experience as enjoyable and free of stress as possible. A welcoming smile from Hilda started the experience with the exuberant hospitality for which Ireland is famous. The passenger relaxes in a private suite while a Platinum Services employee (in this case, the impossibly handsome Craig) takes care of the actual checking in, taking charge of baggage and securing the boarding pass if flying commercial. Platinum Services takes clients right to the plane on the tarmac in a BMW sedan for all flights except those to the United States (due to the requirement of US Customs pre-clearance at Dublin Airport for passengers flying to America). For travellers to America, the drive is to a separate entrance to US Customs. A Platinum Services staffmember, perhaps future rockstar Glenn, walks the client to US Customs and waits on the other side to escort the traveller right to the door of the aircraft.

On-time performance:

The plane pushed back from the gate on schedule and arrived in New York 36 minutes early.

Seat/Cabin conditions:

Aer Lingus Business Class bed

Aer Lingus Business Class bed

The Aer Lingus A330 used for almost all of the airline’s trans-Atlantic flights has a Business Class cabin with slightly staggered rows varying in 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 configurations. Each seat is a capsule of comfort and relaxation, with massage mode for indulgent sitting and a lie-flat bed for easy sleeping. Ample storage space for personal items keeps the space nice and tidy.

Food And Beverage:

Reflecting the appreciation for fine dining that has arisen in Ireland in recent years, Aer Lingus provided a gourmet menu with three options for lunch, followed later in the flight by afternoon tea. An ample selection of drinks worthy of any bar on the ground was also available.


The on-demand entertainment system allowed for selection of films, television programs, audio entertainment. It also provided some interesting reading about the long history of Aer Lingus from its creation to the present day. Complimentary wifi is available for Aer Lingus Business Class passengers.


Having cleared US Customs at Dublin Airport, arrival at JetBlue’s Terminal 5 at JFK was identical to a domestic flight arrival. Suitcases began appearing on the baggage carousel with surprising speed. Exceptionally for Aer Lingus travellers continuing to other American destinations, luggage does not have to be claimed and rechecked because it has already cleared Customs in Dublin and thus can be automatically transferred to connecting JetBlue flights.


Aer Lingus has taken big steps in upping the quality of its Business Class experience (not that it was bad before) as it expands its longhaul network across the Atlantic. The timing of the flight is especially advantageous to make the most of the day in New York. Aer Lingus has recently added Miami to its other US gateways which include Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Orlando, and Boston, with more on the way in 2018. For travellers from the Asia-Pacific region visiting the US, the short flight time from New York and Boston make a visit to Ireland a tempting option; travellers from Australia can reach Dublin with a single change of planes at LAX.

Source = Mr eTraveller - Robert La Bua

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