Chris Martin, Glenn O’Brien, Dan Nadel, Nancy Princenthal, Trinie Dalton


Chris Martin, Glenn O’Brien, Dan Nadel, Nancy Princenthal, Trinie Dalton

A journey through the colorful creations of the Brooklyn-based abstract artist

The first significant monograph devoted to the work of New York-based abstract artist Chris Martin includes more than 200 color illustrations as well as incisive essays by Glenn O’Brien, Dan Nadel, Nancy Princenthal, and Trinie Dalton.

Chris Martin and his art came of age in the 1980s in New York, a time and place which saw the explosion of the East Village art scene and artists like Keith Haring. Influenced by artists such as Paul Feeley, Yayoi Kusama, Alfred Jensen and others concerned with the formal qualities of painting, Martin creates bold, abstract works renowned for their flat-yet-textured planes of saturated color made by the collaging of found items directly onto the canvas. Martin’s work draws inspiration from influences as wide-ranging
as Buddhism and Amy Winehouse; works such as his 2013 Untitled attest to the influence of Picasso’s collages, and the strong geometrics of his canvases demonstrate Martin’s self-proclaimed attachment to Piet Mondrian. Chris Martin traces the interwoven histories of the artist and the New York art scene from the 1970s through the present and explores the unknowable psychological tendencies of art represented in his canvases.

About the Authors

Glenn O’Brien writes about art, music and fashion.
Dan Nadel is a writer, editor and curator based in Brooklyn.
Nancy Princenthal has been writing about contemporary art for more than twenty-five years and was a senior editor at Art in America for five years. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Village Voice, Artforum, and Bookforum.
Trinie Dalton is an author, editor and curator based in Los Angeles.

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