The not so common things to do in Peru

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The not so common things to do in Peru

The not so common things to do in Peru

People generally want to tick off their bucket list when they think of travel, and when talking about South America normally this list includes Machu Picchu. As amazing as macho Picchu is, at Contours Travel we want to enhance even more your clients’ travel interest, so today I want to suggest some of the less common -yet amazing as Machu Picchu- activities you can do while in Peru.

Just a reminder: we only operate tours in Latin America, we don’t do any other areas of the world. In fact, we specialise on 22 countries in Latin America, that is 13 in South America, 7 in Central America, Mexico and Cuba; and the Caribbean Islands. All you need to do is tell us what your clients’ interests are and we can tailor an itinerary specially for them, and as we know Latin America by heart we can provide extraordinary tours and activities off the beaten track. For example, these ideas:


You client can start at the Amazon by cruising along rivers or staying at the lodges that have the best atmosphere or even camping in the middle of nowhere. They can let go of their worries with a swim at sunset and get mesmerised by the colours of fire red and orange along the rivers – it’s amazing. They can also walk lodge to lodge along the Ausangate trail to Machu Picchu. Or in the north in the Chachapoyas mountain area they can walk to see the Sarcophagi of Karajia – figures standing on a ledge looking across the valley that over 750 years old.

In Lima I recommend a walking tour around the centre with a local guide. Advice your clients to pay attention to the architecture and the heritage conservation, all the plazas, museums, cathedrals and palaces. Did you know that Lima has the oldest university in the Americas? San Marcos was founded in 1551. Though, if your clients aren’t much of a historical geek, what about a sand buggy ride in Paracas? Horseback rides in the Colca Canyon? Or kayaking on Lake Titicaca? Does that sound more like your clients? We can also suggest amazing boutique hotels to stay in like Hotel B, Atemporal, Casona or Sumaq… which are a few of our favourites.

We have lots of great suggestions that are just a little bit different to the run-of-the-mill city tours. If your client loves to ride bikes for example, let us know and we arrange their itinerary so that they can stay over on a weekend discovering carless cities of South America. Some cities in Latin America close their main roads to cars to leave them open for bike riders, walkers and joggers. This way they can enjoy a pleasant Sunday morning with locals, add the always good coffee stop to watch the world go by…

You ask the questions and we will find that “special” place, event, guide or activity just for your client!

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