AFTA comments on Administrator appointed to

Cancelled ATAS Accreditations

AFTA comments on Administrator appointed to

AFTA comments on Administrator appointed to

The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) is advising consumers at this busy Christmas period to be very careful about booking with any travel intermediary (travel agent, wholesaler or tour operator) that is not accredited through the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS).

Earlier Wednesday, AFTA was informed that online travel agency has gone into liquidation.

AFTA fought vigorously over 18 months ago to ensure that was not a part of the ATAS accreditation scheme. Today, AFTA wishes to re-assure industry and Australian consumers that was not ATAS accredited.

AFTA Chief Executive Jayson Westbury said, “It is with a heavy heart that, at this special time of year, consumers are facing such a difficult situation. We encourage consumers to reconfirm their travel bookings with airlines and if they need to make alternative arrangements to contact an ATAS accredited travel agent. A full list of professional, legitimate and trusted businesses can be located at”

AFTA also advises consumers, that if you paid by credit card to contact your bank and commence the process of a chargeback.

AFTA wishes to advise that was not ATAS accredited.


Source = AFTA

8 thoughts on “ AFTA comments on Administrator appointed to

  1. Stephanie Hobbs May 23, 2019 at 5:06 pm - Reply
    You know, frauds are everywhere. We should be careful. As for me I trust – if I need to book something asap these guys are always ready to help.
  2. $4000 out of pocket . Singapore Airlines refused to honour their E tickets issued soon after Bestjet took our money . Shame on Singapore Airlines – they have their money and know it . Virgin refunded our son straight away, I have applied for Chargeback from Comm Bank who have been most helpful . Waiting on outcome. Our insurer does not cover insolvency – Australia Post Travel insurance – but we are negotiating with them and hope they are compassionate – we have a 12 month policy multi trip policy with them. Learnt – always check your insurer covers insolvency . Bestjet is associated with other companies including Webjet and other well known online travel groups . Book direct with airlines (and cruise companies ) even if a little more expensive . Dont trust any booking agency – no matter how big !
  3. What I don't understand that if we paid via credit card and received our e-ticket from Virgin airlines, over a month ago, our ticket's are not valid and have been cancelled? One would wonder why the payment has not been received within at least 24 hours, and how can someone else cancel our tickets. why even use a travel agent?!!
  4. It would not have made any difference whether they were ATAS accredited or not – the outcome would be the same. AFTA / ATAS gives no protection to consumers – the only protection they had was with the Travel Compensation Fund (TCF) which AFTA disbanded in 2014.
    • We have about 48 hours to fly out of Sydney but my wife and I have been just advised that Singapore Airlines will not honor their commitments and instead, they have cancelled our tickets. I do not understand why it has taken this long for SQ to contact us at this 11th hour? Is this called the modern "corporate culture"?

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