Lufthansa: 30,000 paper notebooks for Schoolchildren in India, Thailand and Sri Lanka

German Airline donates full amount of paper saved with 2,5 million mobile boarding procedures

Passengers of Lufthansa German Airlines who have checked in fully paperless via mobile boarding passes on their smart phones have helped to save paper equivalent to 2,5 million printout boarding passes during the period of December 2012 to End of January 2013. Lufthansa now is donating the paper to schoolchildren in need worldwide and will purchase 50,000 exercise books, 30,000 of which will be distributed in the Asia/Pacific region where the airline supports projects in India, Thailand and Sri Lanka via the charity of Lufthansa staff "Help Alliance". 20,000 notebooks will be donated to projects in South America and Africa.

Lufthansa has introduced mobile check in procedures for smart phone users already in 2008 and strongly promotes this new technology as it is customer friendly, efficient and helps to save paper resources at the same time. The mobile boarding pass is an individual secure bar code that can be received via e-mail, text-message or download directly on smart phone devices like the I-Phone, Blackberry or Android-Phones. "Our customers worldwide enjoy digital services as they improve their travel experiences. Lufthansa together with its airport partners and authorities is working very hard to make ground procedures increasingly seamless, stress-less and paperless"’ says Steffen Harbarth Vice President Asia/Pacific of Lufthansa German Airlines. Lufthansa customers can use fully paperless mobile check-in procedures already at more than130 airports worldwide. However customers can continue to use other ways to check-in for their Lufthansa flights as Lufthansa continues to offer the self print boarding pass via its website as well as free check in at the airline’s airport counters. "We intend to offer our customers a choice of convenient procedures – as they like it. Asian customers who are especially living and enjoying digital lifestyles can experience our fully paperless procedures at the Asian Lufthansa airports in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo Narita and our hubs in Germany” said Mr. Harbarth.

The 30,000 paper notebooks for the Asia/Pacific region will be distributed to schoolchildren in need via Lufthansa Help Alliance projects in Bandarawella, Sri Lanka, Pondicherry and New Delhi, India as well as Pattaya, Thailand. In order to support the local economies all exercise books will be bought locally.

The Help Alliance was founded by Lufthansa staff independently in 1999 by 13 Lufthansa employees. Today the airline group’s charity unites nearly 40 aid initiatives around the world.

Source = Lufthansa
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