Backlash against tourism budget cuts


  Industry needs support, not cuts: TTF. Image: wikimedia  

Tasmania’s tourism industry is set to take another hit, according to industry leaders, who claim the government’s decision to cut tourism funding could restrict growth in the tourism-dependent state.

This week the government proposed a one-off commitment of AU$1 million for joint marketing with air and sea carriers, however, the budget does little to counteract the 45 percent decline in Tasmania’s overall budget over the past six years, according to Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC).

Jeopardising the industry’s sustainability, which accounts for ten percent of employment across the state, ATEC managing director Felicia Mariani said the “short-sighted budget” was leaving Tasmania “high and dry” by failing to recognise the important of tourism to the state’s economy.

Ms Mariani added the limited budget would also impact the state’s recently launched advertising campaign, which is likely to fail to reach “its full potential” without funding.

Backing ATEC, Tourism & Transport Forum chief executive Ken Morrison stressed the industry needs support, not cuts.

“Cutting tourism funding is a false economy,” Mr Morrison said.

“And reduces support for private investment in tourism experiences.

“This budget does not acknowledge the importance of the tourism industry to the Tasmanian economy and sends the wrong message to the industry.”

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