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In response to the much anticipated ‘Indian Ocean Fever’ in 2010, Air Austral has launched their new competitive year-round fare from Sydney to the exotic region, effective immediately.

CEO of Air Austral, Mr Gerard Etheve, says anticipation of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa has fuelled the hype, establishing the Indian Ocean as the world’s ‘hottest’ region to visit in 2010.

“With South Africa hosting one of the biggest international events, this presents the best opportunity for us to showcase our amazing destinations to the world,” says Mr Etheve.

“We are already experiencing a healthy growth with Australian visitors to the region with more and more travellers using Reunion as an exotic stop-over to explore our equally exotic neighbours.

“Johannesburg, Mauritius and the Seychelles have traditionally been the popular end-destinations in the Indian Ocean for Australian travellers, but more and more Australians are heading to Mayotte to experience the second largest lagoon in the world and Madagascar for its sheer uniqueness.”

Headquartered in Reunion, Air Austral services the largest network of destinations in the Indian Ocean, including South Africa, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Madagascar and Mayotte, and provides daily services from Reunion to Paris, linking two of the world’s most exciting destinations.

Fares from Sydney to Reunion and Mauritius start from $1,236.90, South Africa (Johannesburg) from $1,951.90, Madagascar (Antananarivo) from $1,500.80 and the Seychelles from $2,009.40, inclusive of taxes.

Air Austral has an interline agreement in Australia with Virgin Blue, and competitive fares are also available from Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane to the Indian Ocean.
Source = Air Austral
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