Delhi, anyone for cricket

Travellers Choice_Gold Choice Award winners at Taj Mahal_April 2015

Delhi, anyone for cricket

Travellers Choice agents recently found themselves the guests of honour at a cricket match in Delhi that offered all the colour and excitement of an ICCA World Cup clash.

Wandering through the backstreets of the city, the group came across the intensely-competitive match being played on a hot and dusty scrap of land. Travellers Choice CEO Christian Hunter says the Australians were “a little alarmed” when players from both sides suddenly stopped, looked in their direction, then charged towards them.

“It turned out a traffic cop had actually pulled up right behind us and was about to impound all of the players’ illegally parked motorbikes,” says Hunter. “Among the crowd was a local travel consultant and before long we were being treated like guests of honour. One of the group even had a bat, and did quite well.”

The four agents, along with six of their colleagues, were in India on an exclusive seven-day journey – organised by Peregrine Adventures and Peregrine Reserve – that formed part of their reward for winning Travellers Choice’s prestigious Gold Choice Awards.

As well as the delights of Old Delhi, the itinerary included a visit to the legendary Taj Mahal, the markets of Rajasthan’s vibrant capital Jaipur, and an elegant dinner below the lights of Jodhpur’s majestic Mehrangarh Fort.

Travellers Choice’s unique Choice Awards recognition program presents Gold, Silver and Bronze Choice Awards each year to 30 members (10 in each category), with recipients determined by their level of support for the group’s broad stable of preferred suppliers.

As well as taking part in exclusive educational tours, for the first time this year winners have also received access to exclusive sales incentives and service grants worth up to $1500 per winning agency.

Source = Travellers Choice
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